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Emily Stubbs

A large-scale art installation, with accompanying ceramic vessels, exploring and connecting the memories and moments that comprise a life. Imagery, textures, colours and shapes are collaged and woven together to create an immersive storyline exploring life’s journey and how the death of a parent is a major life transition causing an evaluation of one's own life or mortality.

Colour plays an important role in this installation as it leads you through various memories and reference points. Textures and patterns taken from wallpapers and clothing evoke feelings of nostalgia, whilst old photographs are a reminder of connections with people who have made an impact over the years.

‘This project has been a really great way for me to look at how experiencing loss and grief has affected my perception of family and life in general. I feel it has given me an opportunity to realise a sense of optimism for the future and an acceptance of the past. The wood mill at Devour is a fantastic space that has enabled me to create this site-specific installation on a large scale so that it can be fully immersive and experienced from all angles. To be able to present this piece of work in my hometown of Holmfirth is also important as many of the images and memories are taken or made in the surrounding areas. I feel that this installation is less a focus on loss and more a celebration of life and the interactions and experiences that we encounter along the way’.

“tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” Alfred Lord Tennyson

Emily Stubbs is a ceramic artist based in York, co-founder of Pica Studios and co-director of art&

More information may be found at:
@emilystubbsceramics on Instagram

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