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Lisa Andrews

Lisa Andrews is a mixed media artist whose work seeks to examine themes of political power and violence. Lisa is interested in the role of the mass media in our lives and how public and private spheres meet and collide within the domestic space. The home, rather than being a place of safety and refuge, has become a place where we are repeatedly subjected to scenes of violence and human suffering. This prolonged exposure has resulted in a state of sensory overload and we have become detached and desensitised to images of brutality and human distress and are unable to act.

Using images taken directly from media sources, Lisa has painted them onto familiar domestic objects and clothing to try to imbue them with a fresh perspective and new interpretation. The works foreground the forsaken, the destitute and the abject and aim to scrutinise the power of governments and the covert way in which they implement violence to maintain control. The artist and the viewer are shunted into the position of witness. The art works are seen as a form of action, made in response to feelings of inadequacy and impotence in trying to affect any meaningful change.

The artist lives and works locally in Netherton. She has exhibited nationally and has lectured at Manchester Metropolitan University and The University of Bolton.

More information may be found at:
@atelierdesrevesart on Instagram
@atelierdesrevesart on Facebook

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