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Victoria Robinson

"As an artist, bodyworker, arts professional & designer I work with painting, mark-making, paper, words, dance, olfactory ambience & dress design to create installations, change the feeling of a space & change my feelings within space."

As part of 'In Absentia' in Devour Woodlands Mill I’ve created an installation called: One. Four. Three. Stop.

It is an invitation to pause
To breathe in fully and out slowly.
To sense the body.
To listen to yourself.
To notice what you notice.

Using paper, thread, paint, the landscape of dance and the music of Louie Barby, my installation holds softly the power of repetitious experience and the power to consciously stop.

Victoria Robinson is a mixed media installation artist, body work therapist and co-director of artand.co.uk.

More information may be found at
@queenierobinson on Instagram

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