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Fritto misto de mare

Fritto misto de mare

  1. Place the squid and calamari in a sieve placed on top of a bigger bowl. Cover with cling film and store in fridge for one night to remove excess water.
  2. Pat dry the squid and calamari; roll in semolina to coat evenly. Repeat with prawns and small cod fish.
  3. Heat sunflower oil in a deep frying pan. Place the floured fish in a colander and gently shake off excess flour. Deep fry in batches: prawns and cod first (they will keep the oil relatively clean), then squid and calamari. Add to the pan jut a few at the time so the fish can float and the oil stays hot. Each batch will cook for about 5 to 6 minutes.
  4. Drain on kitchen paper. Season with salt and transfer to a serving dish. Decorate with lemon wedges.

Keep warm

To taste fried fish at its best, serve immediately or prepare a few minutes in advance, cover with foil and keep it warm in the oven until it's time to serve.