Wild Mushroom Tortellini, Spicy Salami, Walnut pesto x1

Serves: 1

Prep Time: 0 mins 

Cooking Time: 8-10 mins


  • 5 handmade mushroom Tortelloni's
  • 1 Spicy salami
  • 1 serving of Pre-cooked Mixed Mushrooms
  • 1 serving of Pangrattato - Breadcrumbs mixed with Parmesan & Herbs
  • 1 serving of Hand churned walnut & red onion butter


  1. Bring a pan of water up to boil, add a pinch of salt
  2. Now add the Tortellini for 5-6 mins
  3. in the meantime saute’ the spicy salami in a hot pan with a drop of olive oil until you get a good colour on the salami
  4. now add the mushrooms & stir until coated with the salami oil
  5. Add a sprinkle of salt to release the mushroom juices
  6. Add the beef stock & turn the heat up high
  7. Drain the tortelloni carefully
  8. Now add the tortelloni to the pan & spoon over the sauce
  9. Remove from heat & add the onion & walnut butter & wait to all the butter is emulsified to create a creamy sauce
  10. time to plate up, carefully place your tortelloni on the plate spoon over the sauce & add pangrattato on top

Enjoy! We would love to see what you have created at home so please share your creations....tag us in @devourdaily on Facebook & Instagram

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