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Hi All
We have had so many Supportive messages & emails from our community, its amazing even when we are closed I can still feel the Devourees among us. Quite a lot of people have asked how they can support us so I've written down six
6 Ways to support us & other local restaurants ...most of them you can even do during self-isolation AND won't cost you a penny
Covid-19 has hugely impacted the hospitality industry, With the new regulations enforcing closures across the UK (which is the right & safe thing to do ) we want to ask for your help, to support us but also the industry and raise some awareness around how you can help to minimise the effects on all those local businesses, their owners and their staff - who are having a tough time right now. 
1. Write a review
If everyone reading this added one review for us the overall impact would be fantastic. Not only would you be sharing your inside information on where to eat in your local area, you would also give us a lovely morale boost, be it sites like trip ( dare I say ) or on social media, makes a massive difference - the most important message is to just write one ( be nice pls) we got 3 horrible reviews the night before we closed all from the same party, not a great reflection of what we are about & the care we put into Devour.
2 Like, comment on and share our social posts  @devourdaily
Whether it’s a favourite dish of yours, or just a general shout out, interacting with social posts will significantly increase our post engagements and widen our audience for when we open. It won’t cost you a penny and you can show a little bit of solidarity for the hospitality industry
3. Post that foodie photo @devourdaily
Did you visit us and forget to post the pic? Post it now and tag the restaurant. Your Friends and followers may take note to make a booking once the Coronavirus pandemic has subsided. 
4. Buy a gift voucher
Banking a gift card to use at a later date can be a real help. Our gift cards are now extended for a full 12 months from the day of re-opening. It’s basically a mini-loan, so buy one now and make a plan to use it later
5. Sign up to our newsletters
If you want to take your support to the next level then why not sign up to our newsletter, You might even find you get to be first in the know about our special events, and new menus when we reopen.
6. Share this post
By sharing this article you will help us to spread the word and show your support for the hospitality industry. Whether you work in the industry or simply love going to an event or out for dinner, we would be so grateful for your help with spreading this message.This is just not about supporting us its about supporting all our other neigbouring restaurants 
I'm sorry if I have forgotten some other amazing restaurants x 
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