Dear Devourees

In light of the current health concerns surrounding COVID-19 and the governments public advice on visiting restaurants, bars and other things we all enjoy, it is with a heavy heart that I must inform our valued Devourees we have today taken the inevitable decision to not to re-open Devour this Wednesday 18th March 2020. We will in fact remain closed for the immediate foreseeable future.

(Well, at least until we see the back of this pesky virus!)

This decision has not been taken lightly, we know many of you will have made bookings well in advance of today’s news and for this we can only say how sorry we are to let you down, especially as its Mothering Sunday this coming weekend.

Our team have worked tirelessly over the past year to make Devour a happy vibrant place for everyone to enjoy,  yet feel in the current climate of indecision and uncertainty taking this decisive action will not only safe-guard all our guests, friends and their families who frequent Devour, but in the long run, safe-guard the future viability of the business and the welfare of the Devour family on the whole.

Obviously, we’ll try and keep you all posted as the situation changes through our website and social media channels. (www.devour.co.uk / @devourdaily)

Devourees who have purchased any vouchers, please be assured, we will of course extend usage periods. Deposits taken for large groups or parties, if affected by our closure will be refunded in full, and Devourees looking forward to any of our future classes, please note they will be rescheduled in due course once our doors are open again.  

Anyone with any specific concerns, reservation or otherwise should email eat@devour.co.uk and we’ll try and get back to you with information as and when we can.

Please do bear in mind though, we may not be able to take telephone calls or answer telephone messages during this time.

 So, chin up everyone, we’ll be back as soon as we can.

Let’s hope we can all raise a glass and remember that time a virus closed our restaurant!

 Stay safe & thanks for understanding.

 Liv and The DEVOUR Team x