The Deli

Bringing you the best of authentic Italian & locally sourced produce, fresh daily made pasta, hand made gelato & takeaway coffee

Our deli brings a curated offering of something different. From cured meats to cheeses  to tantalising desserts, we aim to offer our guests the best that Italy & Yorkshire has to offer.

Handmade Pasta

Perfectly imperfect

Enjoy our Daily made fresh pasta, We use the best doppio zero flour from Italy & semolina to make our dough, water and a sprinkling of salt. That’s it. Perfect for vegans, our egg free pasta has No additives, no nasty stuff: just fresh pasta.Each individual shape of pasta will be slightly different but that’s where its perfectly imperfect. Good bye to the mass produced, everything tastes better when its made with a heart. 


We are proud to stock Diforti’s wide selection of gourmet Italian products. They bring the vibrant flavours of the villages of Italy to British kitchens. From bright green olives, to sundried tomatoes & the finest Melting charcuterie. We also sell a selection of Italian inspired Yorkshire made products, New to the deli is  Lishmans of Ilkley  

Homemade Gelato

The Scoop

Each ingredient that goes in to our Gelato is fresh & locally sourced, whether that’s the freshly picked mint, the coffee (roasted locally), or strawberry’s picked this week. This creates the perfect marriage between the creamy Cow’s milk and the luscious local ingredients. Gelato has less fat than ice cream so that’s a bonus & as the flavours churn together it creates 50 % less air so the flavours are more intense ! We create small batches daily, hand pack them into pints. After that, it goes from pint to bowl to spoon to you.

It’s going to go down smooth because we only use the richest cow’s milk on this side of heaven. Then again, maybe this is heaven after all.

Our 'La de da" Coffee

We are really proud to be collaborating with Darkwoods

A little bit about who makes our blend : Dark Woods use specialty grade coffees, (scoring more than 80% in Specialty Coffee Association grading) Carefully roasted for us, which may be why Dark Woods were awarded more Great Taste Awards than any other coffee company this year, as well as another "Golden Fork" for Best Northern Product.

Pass by & enjoy a coffee in or takeaway :)

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