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SUPPER CLUB "by the river"

SUPPER CLUB "by the river"

SUPPER CLUB "by the river"


BY THE RIVER - The Tuesday Supper Club
Tuesday 3/09/19, 19.30pm

Welcome to our inaugural Tuesday Supper Club event held in our Eatery: By the River – our very first, five course taster-menu inspired by an ever-changing constant here at Devour, our very own little stretch of the River Holme & our vibrant Wild Flower River Bank Garden.

  • 5 taster curated menu
  • Wine pairing (optional)
  • Drinks on arrival
  • live music 

It’s hard to imagine, standing beside what now, in the height of summer, is a small body of water, gently meandering and ebbing its path around the edges of Devour, holds a hidden power responsible for shaping and forging this whole valley. Our river brings energy, at a constant flow. Whether it’s the gentle tranquility of the riverbank on a long summer evening, offering a moment of clam and solitude, to the unleashing, brutality of flood water, carving through obstacles and rock to forge a new path. We’re both inspired and drawn to the River in equal measure.

 We’re very proud and lucky to have such a beautiful stretch of River running beside us. A natural inspiration for the whole Devour story so far. From initial surprise, trampling through vicious brambles and hopping over stinging nettles, questioning whether England had venomous snakes to discover the perfect spot at the water’s edge. To now, seeing our wild flower garden, blooming and majestic, bursting with life, colour and vibrancy. Creating a genuine enthusiasm, from our guests, visitors and surrounding community.

So, in celebration of all the seasonal life-giving energy they bring, we have created an evening of fine food, drinks and merriment, celebrating, all the wild and wonderful seasonal goodness our rivers provide. Our chefs have specially curated a five-course taster menu, combining and showcasing the very best of local Yorkshire produce, with a little of what makes us Devour – we hope you enjoy!

5 % of all sales go towards river holme connections - keeping our rivers clean & beautiful