Torta della nonna (N)
Torta della nonna (N)
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Torta della nonna (N)

A classic, Tuscan-born tart, Torta della Nonna has to be one of the most widespread and well-known tarts, Its success likely lies in its simplicity: it consists of nothing more than two sheets of slightly leavened sugar pastry enclosing a creamy heart of lemon - scented custard. The top is studded with crunchy pine nuts and dusted with icing sugar, and no variants on this theme have ever gained much momentum.

Although the name might suggest otherwise, Torta della Nonna (Grandma's cake) isn’t a homestead creation; it wasn’t, in other words, invented by some pastry-savvy grandmother somewhere in the hills of Chianti.

Allergen Information Eggs, Gluten, Nuts, Milk 


2 day shelf life – Store chilled

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