One Portion of Casarecce

One Portion of Casarecce

Perfectly imperfect - Enjoy our Daily made Vegan fresh pasta, We use the best semolina from Italy to make our dough, water and a sprinkling of salt. That’s it.

No additives, no nasty stuff: just fresh pasta.

Each individual shape of pasta will be slightly different but that’s where its perfectly imperfect. Good bye to the mass produced, everything tastes better when its made with a heart. 
Cooking instructions - Please cook for 4-5 mins in boiling water, add salt once boiling. 
Allergens - Gluten 
Storage & shelf life  3 days, chilled
freezing -  All our pasta can be frozen with excellent results for a month or longer. It's nature's way of locking in the freshness.


Each portion  is 120 g - perfect for one serving 



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