The tale of two Italian aperitivo


Are you reminiscing about those summer days sipping spritz? Join the Devour family for a festive twist on Italy's iconic aperitivos, Aperol and Campari, to warm up your evening after work.

For a special event, Devour at the Dyehouse is partnering with Campari Group for an evening of cocktails and cicchetti 'tapas' — the perfect pre-dinner treat. The Campari team will share aperitivo history while serving a complimentary Aperol and Campari Negroni on Wednesday, December 6th. As you mark your calendar, here's a glimpse into the history and recipes of these famous Italian classic aperitivos. We look forward to seeing you there!

Campari – shaping the aperitivo culture

More than 150 years old, Campari remains the quintessential Italian bitter spirit, featuring in world-renowned cocktails like the Spritz, Negroni, Bellini, and Americano. First poured from a coffee shop in Milan, the revolutionary red liquid was founded in 1860 by Gaspare Campari. Stemming from Gaspare’s ‘Red Passion’, Campari is beloved for its colour and bittersweet flavour.

Campari Spritz – the original recipe

Try the Campari Spritz this Christmas — a simple and refreshing favourite…


  • 90ml (3 parts) Prosecco
  • 60ml (2 parts) Campari
  • 30ml (1 part) Soda Water


  • Pour Prosecco, Campari, and soda water into an ice-filled wine glass
  • Garnish with a slice of fresh orange.

Aperol – The Gateway Bitter

Aperol, known for its base in the popular summer spritz, is an Italian bitter apéritif comprising ingredients like gentian root, rhubarb, and cinchona (a tree bark). Sweeter than Campari, Aperol serves as an ideal introduction to Italian bitters and, like Campari, is recognised for its vivid orange hue. Founded in 1919 by brothers Luigi and Silvio Barbieri in Padua, within Italy’s Northern Veneto region.

Aperol Spritz – the original recipe

An IBA-approved recipe, the Aperol Spritz, follows a simple 3-2-1 part recipe:


  • 75ml: Prosecco DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata)
  • 50ml: Aperol
  • 25ml: Soda
  • 1 slice of orange


  • Fill a large wine glass with ice
  • Pour 75ml Prosecco
  • Add 50ml Aperol
  • Top with 25ml soda
  • Garnish with a slice of orange.

An aperitivo evening at Devour at the Dyehouse

Join us for an evening of cocktails and cicchetti as we host Campari Group at Devour at the Dyehouse on Wednesday, December 6th—a night dedicated to the aperitivo culture. Book your table here:

Can’t make the date? Our cocktail menu is always revolving, join us for a tipple at a time that works for you.

Aperitivo: the Italian term for aperitif, represents a light drink typically enjoyed at day's end before a meal. 'Aperitivo' translates to 'appetiser'.

Cicchetti: Originating in Venice, cicchetti mirrors Spain’s tapas culture, offering small savoury dishes typically served in 'bàcari' as part of an aperitivo—a light bite before dinner.

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