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The Dyehouse

I founded Devour out of my love for a beautiful building. I wanted to create a place that captured the warmth and generosity of the back street trattorias, with that unique and indescribable atmosphere that blends the simple with the spectacular. And so Devour was born, a place where the ancient beams, the river, and the love for great food and hospitality all come together to create something truly special.

26/08/17- Keys in hand

Clive & David, father & son who had run a successful wood turning mill finally said goodbye to their pride & joy and handed over the keys to me. It was important that the character & soul lived on.

& so the build begins

December 2017 - December 2018

Opening Day

There are few things quite as multifarious as running a restaurant - it's a business, hobby and passion rolled into one. Your days change from being a marketeer, bookkeeper, public relations, waitress, barista & negotiater, writer, photographer, plumber & electrician.
It is a daily adrenalin dose that puts you in a flight, fight, freeze or collapse position.
Any passionate hospotalitarian knows that they don’t give a bit, they give a lot, they give everything - over-serving & over-giving is part of the trade - the art is to manage it so our gift doesn't become our curse.


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We are now open Wednesday, Thursday & Friday Lunches

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