Hello and welcome to our second Devour Tuesday Supper Club; 
15/10/19 @7pm 
Our monthly curated evening of fine food and great music, inspired by a theme, a place, a moment or just something we love. 
 A night where our chef’s take centre stage, showcasing the best of what we know, and sharing the best of what we’ve learnt, with you, our favourite Devourees!
“Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness,
Close bosom-friend of the maturing sun;
Conspiring with him how to load and bless
With fruit the vines that round the thatch eaves run…”
As a child, like most children, September was always greeted with certain sadness. Heralding the end of summer and the rising dread and realisation of the new school year ahead. Yet now, as an adult this inevitable seasonal change evokes some of my fondest childhood memories. 
It was a time spent with family. Time spent with older generations. “Nonni” in particular. The original “from field to fork”. We’d select and pick the darkest, ripest plums for homemade jam, harvest and dry the plumpest beans for a future winter broth.  Try, (without much success may I add), to hunt and forage for truffles or wild mushrooms, and of course pinching only the juiciest apples from next-doors garden.
It was time of abundance, but more importantly a time to listen and learn to those who impart wisdom, tradition and legacy. Values worth championing and celebrating. 
We humans are by nature, hunter gatherers. Even today, who hasn’t noticed a multitude of bramble pickers each weekend, hunched behind badly parked cars, eagerly filling Tupperware for a Sunday crumble. It’s in our DNA. This inherent natural urge to forage, gather and preserve, driven by necessity to survive a coming winter. It connects us to our environment, to nature and to the land that we’ve nurtured. Swelling its belly through the summer months to provide an amazing array of seasonal produce to inspire and sustain.
So, let’s celebrate our inherent nature! 
Our Chefs have created and curated a selection of seasonal dishes inspired by all we Hunt, Gather & Forage.  Championing traditional “peasant” techniques of picking, fermenting and roasting, a selection of the finest seasonal produce Yorkshire gathered, from land, sea, forest, field and roadside. In addition, we offer an optional Wine Pairing Menu; hand-selected from the Italian regions, to complement and enhance each course.
Hope to see you there.
Liv & the team :)
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