Holmfirth Artweek Friday 5th – Saturday 13th July, 2024

Devour started as a multifarious project, a platform to "create & share the beautiful " delicious food of course is our anchor, but we also want Devour to be a fully immersive experience that celebrates all your senses
This Year we will be supporting Artweek 2024,One of the UK’s Largest Open Art Exhibitions that raises money for local Charities 
Ammie Sykes & Isobelle Hayee
 A takeover of sculptural ceramics and vessels from the artists/tutors of The Clay Mill. Installation in the bar and restaurant will include work by both artists: made of the earth, inspired by nature and driven by a need to care for our environment. Isobelle creates sculptures from locally dug wild clay, created and sawdust fired on-site at her Colne Valley home, close to her source inspiration. Ammie makes coiled and thrown vessels with strong form and outlines, inspired by layers of rock, weathered by time, imprinted by humans.
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Ammie Sykes

After a successful career delivering participatory and family art projects and project management, Ammie opened The Clay Mill in 2018. Her mission was to create a vibrant community of potters in the mill studio in Slaithwaite. She now has almost 30 regular members and teaches beginners classes alongside making, selling, and delivering community, education, and public art projects.

What will you see at Devour? In Devour's Restaurant: Ammie has created pieces to evoke a sense of peace, calm, and stillness. She states, "We are all so busy, and so I hope you will take a moment to let your eyes follow a restful ceramic form and catch a glimpse of a flash of color and glaze detail, against the beautiful backdrop of Devour and the surrounding landscape." Devour's Riverside: Enjoy exploring the more whimsical, botanically themed art trail amongst the wildflower garden. Find a giant seed head or spot a pop-up ceramic flower among nature’s own. Devour will be co-hosting a ceramic flower workshop, and Ammie is looking forward to showing you how to make one for your own garden. Instagram: @theclaymill.slaithwaite


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Isobelle Hayes

Isobelle returns to the land she grew up on, eager to rekindle her connection with the natural world. She embraces all that nature has to offer, approaching her craft with a deep respect for each material and its environment. Drawing on the techniques and processes passed down by our predecessors, she exclusively utilizes resources found within the land's boundaries to fashion ceramic vessels that resonate with her surroundings.

With care and precision, Isobelle hand-sources and processes a unique wild clay specific to her homeland, a material formed during the Carboniferous era around 315 million years ago. She infuses her vessels with the essence of this ancient material, drawing inspiration from local rock formations to imbue each piece with a design deeply rooted in the area's natural history.

To complete her artistic vision, Isabelle employs an onsite sawdust firing method, utilizing heather and bracken collected from the nearby moorland. Through this meticulous process, she creates a series of wild clay vessels that not only speak to her surroundings but also embody her profound connection to the land she calls home.

Instagram- @mudd.potts


Viewing times

 Preview Evening - Friday 5th July - 2pm-5pm

Sunday 7th July - 12pm-10.30pm

Closed Monday and Tuesday

Wed-Saturday 10th-13th July - 12pm-10.30pm

Art week is one of the UK’s Largest Open Art Exhibitions, Featuring over 400
exhibitors and over 2,000 artworks, plus dozens of fringe venues across
the local area with thousands more works of art and craft.
20% of commissions from sales made from your Artweek Fringe
exhibition which will be distributed between their charity partners.
To date they have raised £1,054,000
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