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Sailbrand started life way back in 1980, sourcing fresh fish from the East Coast of the UK and delivering door to door around West Yorkshire.

Thanks to the wit and charm of their original delivery driver, the company soon started to flourish. They now deliver daily to hundreds of restaurants throughout the North of England, and Their fish is the freshest fish and seafood around.

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Sykes House Farm

Sykes House Farm was founded in the late 60s by Martin Smith and his
father. Back then we were livestock farmers, predominantly as pig
breeders, but with a couple of hundred Hereford grazing cattle too. The family business is now in its third generation, with Martin’s son and daughter, Robert Smith and Rachael Hirst, at the helm.

Sykes house farm is also proud to be red tractor approved -This ensures the food is traceable, safe to eat and has been produced responsibly. The Union Flag in the Red Tractor logo indicates the food has been farmed, processed, and packed in the United Kingdom.

Samuel Brigg & Sons

Samuel Brigg & Sons is a family dairy farm, producing the highest quality milk & cream since 1912. They believe in honouring their farm & its history, with a product that is natural & tastes of its origin. Taking real pride in the process, They produce delicious milk & cream from their own herd of cows; grazed on the hills of Slaithwaite.

They like to refer to their cows as ‘the girls’, they lead a pretty idyllic life here on the hills above Slawit. During the summer they go out everyday to graze on fresh grass. In the winter they keep nice and cosy in the cowshed away from the wind, rain and snow eating the silage they have made during the summer especially for them. It’s no coincidence that the milk they produce tastes so good & perfect for our Gelato.

Three Fiends

Three Fiends started back in 2014 as best mates pursuing their mutual love of great beer. Back then they drank more than they made, but fast forward to the present day and their Brookfield Farm site is now home to a multiple CAMRA gold award winning, and much loved brewhouse.

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Aged in Jamaica, Perfected in Yorkshire.
They combined their expert knowledge of rum and their first-hand experience of travelling to the finest rum producing regions of the Caribbean to create AB Gold. Their taste for perfection led to the ultimate blend of the finest Jamaican rums. Aged in oak barrels to give a unique intense flavour and a shimmering golden hue. A rum that’s more distinctive, pleasurable and memorable to drink than any other.

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